John — July 14, 2005, 8:47 pm

Say NO to CODEX if You Enjoy Your Health

I’ve read several stories about something called CODEX and how bad it could be for Americans. Some of it seemed like scare tactics, some of it said it was no big deal. But I can now tell you that anyone that said it was “nothing to worry about” was dead wrong! Their stories were nothing but lies and disinformation.

Fact is that the way Americans manage their health care could change very drastically and time is running out! Take for example vitamin C. It’s a common and very necessary vitamin many people take, right? Well CODEX could make Vitamin C above 200mg per day as illegal as heroin (and physicians are safely and effectively administering dosages from 3,000mg all the way to 20,000 mg per day).

CODEX ALIMENTARIUS (the official name of CODEX) was started by the United Nations in 1963 and began with good intentions (to make sure all people have access to safe, abundant food). But the fact is that CODEX is very dangerous and if you care about your health, we MUST keep it out of the United States.

There are thousands of pages you could read to learn about CODEX, but I suggest starting with this page to learn why to Say No To CODEX.

It offers a brief overview of the dangers and also a six step action plan that you can take. Please educate yourself, take action and if you have a blog learn how you can help spread the word, otherwise learn more and take action today!

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