John — August 27, 2005, 12:06 pm

Steps for Peace – Declaration of Interdependence

Calling all Global Peace Seekers
We invite you take part in an historic global peace mission.

Earthdance and international Peace Troubadour James Twyman have joined forces for an unprecedented peace mission uniting over 144,000 global citizens to sign a declaration of peace to be presented to Pope Benedict XVI, on September 21st, following the International Earthdance Peace Celebration on September 17th.

The Steps of Peace Initiative will be led by James Twyman who, along with 100 peace delegates, will walk 100 miles from Assisi to the Vatican Rome, where they will have an audience with the Pope. The walk will begin on September 11th, when 500,000 people will walk a day long pilgrimage from Perugia to Assisi. James and delegates will then continue the journey to Rome.

Inspired by the legend of St Francis and the Hopi Indian prophecy (see quote on left), our mission is to present Pope Benedict XVI with a peace petition: “The Declaration of Interdependence,” signed by 144,000 people around the world, representing a global call for peace and unity.

The declaration will also be presented to other global leaders, including George Bush and the United Nations.

Please Join Me In Signing the Petition

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