John — September 6, 2005, 10:01 pm

Real Way to Help Victims of Katrina

I just got back this morning from a short vacation to a friends house in Florida. Prior to leaving I made a donation to the Red Cross relief effort and of course have been offering my thoughts and prayers to the many affected by this disaster. While on vacation I tried to stay away from my computer and the TV as much as possible. I haven’t been a fan of papers for many years now and usually get most of my news from the Internet. I had a great time and it was humbling to realize how much I have in my life. Everything is not perfect, I have many things I’m working on and the finances are not where I would like them, but I have a roof over my head, a growing business that I enjoy, with clients that love the work that I do (I was on vacation with one of my clients.) I have my health and I have a family, a beautiful cat (Hi Tigger) and friends that love me. So often in life it’s easy to focus on what you don’t have, but the fact is that I’m blessed and very fortunate for all that I DO have.

In the wake of the disaster I found myself watching the news a little bit here and there and started getting upset at the response that our goverment was launching, or not launching as the case seemed. I started becoming very negative and while that just seemed logical, I soon stepped back and realized (of course) that it was not helping. Sure it was easy to “Monday morning quarterback” some of what was going on, I felt a lot more could have been done, and should have been done to evacuate the people, especially prior to the storm making landfall, but the fact was that “what’s done, was done” and what the people needed now were our prayers. Give money if you can, donate time, food, clothes etc. if you are nearby and are able and asked for such support, but most importantly, change your thinking and send love and light into that region, to our goverment and help change the situation for the better.

Catching up on my emails today I read of several internet marketers, some that I know pretty well, others who I’ve only recently “met” online, but many were raising funds; some sending it to the Red Cross, some buying tons of food etc themselves and driving it to the region, some donating their time in the AstroDome, some offering their products for free in exchange for promises of donations made directly to the Red Cross etc. etc. Sadly I also read reports of some people seemingly trying to capitazlize on the tragedy, but all and all, almost nothing but an outpouring of love and support – from the US and the rest of the world, truly united as one.

I want to thank Mary Robinson Reynolds for her wonderful blog post “If You Really Want To Help People In New Orleans” for giving me the wake up call I needed in light of what has been going on.

Mary said in part:

“…Resist the urge to judge, resist or push against anything about this situation, for it offers these people no relief, no help … it only keeps sending an energy vibration that is chaotic and disruptive.

Resist the urge to judge and criticize and be a know-it-all about anything other than PEACE, and LOVE and LIGHT…”

If we could all just maintain this atmosphere of love for our fellow humans… this world would be a much better place. Stay positive, spread the light and commit to doing what you can, today and always.

I just got off the phone with a good friend, and am waiting for another one to call me back any minute now… and my pretty cat is sleeping next to my desk as I type. Yes, life is good.

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