John — September 22, 2005, 10:45 pm

Dissipating Hurricane Rita Concordance

I received this email and am posting it here for all who have an affinity for the infinite possibilities of the human spirit when we consciously operate as One.

Let us place our attention where it most enhances the manifestation of the above Concordance, and OFF what is contrary to it and born of fear. This is where our true power lies.

Maintain an inner state of calm and confidence from now until Hurricane Rita dissipates. This is a continual Concordance, not an event, over the next few days:

Dissipating Hurricane Rita Concordance:

Rita Dissipates:

Thunderstorms Form Around The Eye, Placing Pressure On It Such That Is Slows Down, With Great Force Holding It In The Gulf While Powerful Forces Churn And ***Cool*** Dramatically The Gulf Waters Between The Eye And The Coast, Releasing The Storm Of Its Fuel And Weakening Its Momentum And Winds And Minimizing The Storm Surge.

This Storm Is Diverted By It Stalling Out In The Gulf, Not Harming *Any* Other Areas. I Am A Force Reshaping The Eye Wall Resulting In Greatly Diminished Momentum And Winds.

We See/feel The Relief Of Millions As They Return To Their Safe Homes With Their Loved Ones, Including Their Beloved Pets. I See/feel Every Living Thing Safe, Secure And Home.

I Am Calm And Cool In The Frothy Waters Of My Own Inner Chaos, Which Dissipates *Now* And In Divine Order Causing No Damage To My Inner Or Outer World. Any Cleansing Or Purifying That I Need Is Graciously Accepted In A Calm, Gradual And Compassionate Manner.

Presented by Joseph Giove (aka Flesymi)

My Comments:
I heard that Art Bell once (or possibly twice) directed his nightly radio show audience to visualize positively affecting a disaster, such as making it rain over in a state striken by wildfires. I found some information about the events online, as well as one site mocking the event, but I have no doubt that it happened.

Every thought, every action is energy folks. Direct your energy towards making this storm breakup… It will take the energy of lots of people to impact this storm, but it can happen. As someone who has personally done something called “cloudbusting,” I know the amazing energy and potential of the human mind. Read more about cloudbusting and the Art Bell experiment.

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