John — September 30, 2005, 3:02 pm

Meditation & Prayer – Gulf Coast

Meditation and Prayer
Written by Judith Pennington
– Author of “The Voice of Soul”

In prayer and meditation, the words of your own heart will kindle the Light to do its healing work. In the meanwhile, here are the visions that came to me in meditation.
Judith is a native of Louisana.

We see Light surrounding all the people of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast wherever they are right now.

We see this Light flooding into their hearts, minds and bodies healing and lifting them into happy, prosperous lives.

The Light in us comforts and holds them, and blesses those who serve all the poor, sick and elderly, until the sadness and desolation pass quietly into the night.

Out love enfolds you, dear ones, as we reach out our hands, that this may be so.

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