John — November 12, 2005, 2:58 am

Cosmic 11:11:11 Energies in Crystals

Wow, was November 11th a powerful day or what? Actually the past week has been very powerful for me, which makes sense according to the Patricia Diane Cota-Robles 11:11:11 article I posted the other day.

Continue to soak in the energies, they will remain extra high for the five days following the 11th.

To help you meditate and focus on the energies, I suggest you go to The 11:11:11 Energies – A Photo Essay in Crystals with Images by Jan Custers and Text by Celia Fenn.

I’ve always wished I was more sensitive to energies, but that just hasn’t been the case. Well, that sure has been changing. As James, a good friend of mine reminded me the other day “watch where you focus your attention and what you ask for… you WILL GET IT ALL!” How true indeed. I’ve visited that page several times today and despite being “just images” on my monitor, I can tell you I certainly feel the energies. Maybe there just might be something to the whole quantum physics thing, huh?

So might I suggest you turn off the news, get out of fear and hate mode and focus your thoughts on positive energy. Lot’s of great things will continue to enter our world and your life. Know that to be true and do your part to help manifest it.

Wishing you much love, joy and laughter

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  1. Comment by Jeannine @ February 12, 2007, 10:01 pm

    Hi there. I just thought I’d take the chance and do a search on my birthdate 11/11/71. I have heard before that 11 is the most spiritual number. I will turn 40 on 11/11/11 ! I wonder what is being predicted for that day? I am kind of scared that something really crazy might happen to me. I have an inkling that my full psychic abilities will surface on that day. Anything that you can tell me about my birthday and 11/11/11 would be appreciated. Thanks, Jeannine

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