John — November 15, 2005, 9:42 pm

Born A Healer Book Deal

Buy a copy of “Born A Healer” by Chunyi Lin and you can get several cool bonuses including:

  • Group Healing Session – $60 value
  • eBook version of “Born A Healer” – $15.95 value
  • “Inner Beauty” meditation music – $15 value
  • Recording of Chunyi Lin’s personal story – $20 value
  • Two videos of Chunyi Lin – Mailed on CD

And if you buy 4 copies, you will also get: “Your Healing Power: Healing Yourself, Helping Others” DVD – $59 value.

Typically these promotions are run to get a book to #1 on the Amazon Bestseller list. Well, I bought this book last night and at that point this book was already #31 on all of Amazon. As I write this, it’s the #2 best selling book on Amazon. I bet it will hit #1 before long.

The original email I got said that this offer was only valid today, November 15th, but it’s not uncommon for the deals to last a few days longer – or even more. So, checkout for more information about the book and this offer. Suffice to say if you see all the details about the bonus offer, then it’s still valid.

I skimmed the PDF copy of the book today while I wait for my physical copy to show up, and it’s certainly a great book. I’d recommend it even without the bonuses, but if you can get them as well, then go for it. You can order “Born A Healer” from the link below.

Edit: It’s months later, February 18th and this offer IS still posted. Make your purchase now before the bonus gift offer is withdrawn!

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