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Set Yourself Up For Amazing Success In 2006

Resolve to find your purpose this year

“Until thought is linked with purpose there is no intelligent accomplishment.”
– As A Man Thinketh

In her book, Unstoppable, Cynthia Kersey writes that a prominent psychologist asked 3,000 people, “What have you to live for?” An amazing 94% answered by saying they had no definite purpose for their lives – 94% percent!! With those kind of results, is it any wonder that there are so many unhappy people in our world today?

James Allen also tells us on this subject that, “They who have no central purpose in their life fall an easy prey to worries, fears, troubles, and self-pity.” When I was part of the 94% without a purpose my life was constantly dark with all types of worries, fears and troubles. I was a ship without a rudder floating aimlessly in a raging sea. Nothing in my life seemed to go right.

I believe we were created with a purpose in our heart, and part of our journey here is to discern that purpose and to act on that purpose.

Purpose puts power and excitement in our life. It keeps us from looking at the little picture of “me” and causes us to look at the big picture of “we.”

During this time of reflection on the old year and anticipation of the New Year, stop and spend some quality time thinking about your purpose. Refuse to go another year without having a stated purpose and some goals to back it up. The reason that most New Year’s resolutions fail is they don’t connect deeply enough with our purpose and inner person.

Stop and think about it. Losing weight is not something that appeals to anyone, yet that’s one of the most adopted New Year’s Resolutions. It should be no surprise that few people succeed.

It is always easier to move toward something we want, rather than trying to move away from something we don’t want. When part of our purpose is to “live a healthy life,” and we’ve fallen in love with that purpose, maintaining the proper weight will come easily and naturally.

Ralph Marston, who writes The Daily Motivator, says “Your wishes, desires, hopes, dreams, opinions, likes and dislikes, at their very deepest level, revolve around a purpose. You can sense it. It is there. Pay attention to the times you really feel good about yourself. Ask yourself why this is so? Keep asking until you touch a purpose so fundamental it cannot be explained in any other way.”

I don’t know who Barry Munro is, but I recently read his great quote on the power of purpose. “You are only as strong as your purpose, therefore let us choose reasons to act that are big,
bold, righteous and eternal.”

And that’s worth thinking about.

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Planning on keeping your New Year’s Resolutions?

What will you do in 2006 to put yourself in a position to make more money?

What will you do in 2006 to develop better relationships with those who are important to you?

What will you do in 2006 to live the life you’ve been dreaming about?

According to Purdue University, and most experts, it’s not only important to have written goals, but you must have a plan to reach your goals. Goals 2006 is the complete program to help you “create a life on purpose.”

Will 2006 be just another ho-hum year that started with good intentions? Or will it be YOUR Year! Your year to get your weight under control…start that business you’ve been talking about…get out of debt for good.

Are you tired of being stuck in the same gear? Go see why one program graduate, Dennis Rudinsky of Australia said, “I finally learned to set goals. And not only did I learn how, I also learned why.”

Checkout this amazing program.

You’ll love the early bird bonuses by the legendary Earl Nightingale, Bob Proctor, Zig Ziglar and others. As the famous TV commercial says,”Priceless!”

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