John — January 18, 2006, 8:42 am

The Power of ONE To Heal

Keep the promise to fight AIDS and poverty in FY2007

In the next three weeks, the President will make crucial decisions about next year’s budget, including how America will best use our resources to help educate, feed and treat those most in need. As ONE, we’re asking that the U.S. give an additional 1% of our budget over the next five years so we can keep our life-saving promises to fight AIDS and poverty.

What could just one more penny of every dollar do?

By giving an additional 1%, the United States would be able to help prevent 10 million children from becoming AIDS orphans and send 100 million children to grade school.

Write the White House today and ask President Bush to keep the promise and give an additional 1% of the US budget over the next five years to effective international assistance.

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