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Home With God – Conversations with God Book

A Message from Neale Donald Walsch About His Latest and final Conversations with God Book

I am coming to you asking you to assist me with a very personal mission. I am trying very hard to place before a huge segment of the world’s public the stunning messages in the very last Conversations with God book to ever be published. I need your help.

Here’s what I am asking you to do…

Today, March 29, the final dialogue book in the Conversations with God series will be officially released.

The book is called Home With God in a Life That Never Ends, and it brings the world new and astounding information about life after death, the realm beyond the physical, and the soul’s journey to spirituality and back again.

It describes in extraordinary detail the Three Stages of Death, and it offers a list of 18 Remembrances about life and about life after life. (The book calls them “remembrances” because Conversations with God says that there is “nothing we have to learn, we have merely to remember…”)

The editors at Barnes& have read an advance copy and they have said on the store website that this may be the most important CwG book ever. The advance reader reviewers at, meanwhile, are giving it five stars and saying it is a book that everyone should read. I am so happy to see this incredible early response, because I believe this to be the most healing book in the CwG series. All I deeply want is to see it come to the attention of as many people as possible-and that is where you can play a very important role.

This is the final book ever in the Conversations with God dialogue series. If you believe that you might want to obtain this book, please order it today, March 29. If many book orders come in right now, the sales figures will bring this title to the attention of book buyers everywhere. In other words, you’ll help this book make real news.

To inspire and encourage you to assist in making this happen, I have bundled up an astounding offer with remarkable gifts as bonuses from some of the world’s great transformational leaders and experts, and from some of the greatest New York Times Best Selling Authors.

You get all of the bonuses listed on the offer page at absolutely no extra investment when you order just one copy of Home with God today. You’re going to find it hard to believe when you see this incredible list of bonus gifts, but it’s true.

Visit the Home With God speical offer page to see the complete list of bonuses you can get for buy my latest book.

I know that this final book in the Conversations with God series will make a truly healing, comforting, and inspiring contribution to your life. And by obtaining it today, you could help bring it to the attention of many others-thus making a difference that could impact another person’s life in wonderful ways as well. It could even change their whole life.

Thank you for your kindness in considering this request. I hope you will choose to have the last Conversations with God book ever, Home with God, in your hands before you know it-plus be eligible for a list of bonuses that will make you so glad you visited this Home With God special offer page.

With peace, love, and joy,

Neale Donald Walsch

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