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Change Your Mind Day – June 3rd

Change Your Mind Day

In 1993 Tricycle Magazine created Change Your Mind Day. It was a free afternoon of meditation instruction with the hope of introducing the general public to Buddhist thought and practice.

Tricycle held the teachings out of doors, as in the time of the Buddha, in the hopes of welcoming people who might be interested in Buddhism but were uncomfortable stepping into the foreignness of a zendo or gompa. They booked a hill in Central Park and put up fliers around town. That first even saw a few hundred people, including a nice mix of newcomers as well as seasoned practitioners.

Today, Change Your Mind Day has grown into a world wide event that takes place every year on the first Saturday in June. Some gatherings are large, attracting thousands of people, while others are simply a handful of people sitting together and reading guided meditations from a variety of Buddhist traditions.

One thing is certain however, Change Your Mind Day has become a powerful and uplifting event effecting countless people across the US and around the globe.

To learn more about the next Change Your Mind Day scheduled for Saturday, June 3, 2006, please visit the information and event listing pages at Tricycle.

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