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Let the Hugs Begin 8-8-8

World Hugathon Day
What a great idea… Let’s start spreading the love!

To begin this world wide spreading of LOVE through A Hugathon, I would like to share how it came about. Every day as my day begins, I take a shower and during the shower I run through what I call my daily transformational shower ritual. If your interested in trying it you can find it in our Forum:

How it began!
While I was drying myself off I happened to glance in the mirror and it seemed as if my face had a glow to it. When I glanced down at my heart chakra I could see waves of light coming out of me. Having just been in communication with for Instance Rayel, Lord Michael, Master Germaine etc, I asked what was happening? The reply was! You have been sending hugs through the ethers for some time now and the result is now being shown to you.

I was then asked to send a hug out and to watch, feel and listen to what was happening so I happily complied. As all of my higher senses were very active after the shower ritual. I consciously as always visualized my heart.

Inside my heart I visualize ever increasing waves of light which eventually come closer and closer together until it is a mass of white light energy. When I am ready I open my arms and aim the energies that have built up to my beloved Twin Flame. As I open my arms I then draw them back to me as if embracing her in a HUG.

How it expanded!
This time as I did it I was asked to slow the image down so that I could observe what was happening before it gets to her. This time I repeated the ritual and I watched the waves of energy as they left my heart. I saw them moving out into the universe and what I then saw surprised and amazed me at the same time. I could see multitudes of beings absorbing these waves, this loving embrace and it was being received in joy and magnified/multiplied before it was being sent out.

In the days that followed, those in the ethers and I began to make a game of it together. After my shower ritual I could feel the presence of many gathering in anticipation and I loved to tease a little bit before hand. The multitudes that had been gathering had now increased exponentially and I could feel a voice inside me say: “He is about to start, let’s get ready”.

As these energies and the multitudes receiving them increased we played a little with them and some of those beings even feigned fainting which I found very amusing to say the least. We were having fun with this loving embrace as we watched the waves of this loving embrace reach out to the heavens and how it was being received.

I was being giving more and more each day. On one particular day as we communicated afterwards, I was being shown how a HUG is indeed a LOVING embrace and as I observed how we were hugging, I could see how during a HUG the heart lights up. The hearts during a hug are very close to each other and there is a light and love exchanged through light waves going back and forward during the embrace/hug.

I was then taken back to the ritual I had been doing and what I was shown was that the energy that we build up in our hearts before we send it out to the universe is being filled with this same merged heart energy. As I saw it leave my body, I saw it projected out into the universe to hundreds upon hundreds of light beings. It was being drawn into them and sent back out. First of all it was being sent to Mother Earth and as she absorbed it she sent it out to her surface, offering it to all beings upon her. It then reflected back out into a multitude of universes. I was dumbstruck at the beauty of what was unfolding in my hearts eye. I had tears of Love and Gratitude rolling down my face as the enormity and the results of this simple little hug had created.

After about a week of doing this a symbol appeared (opens in new window) that I had been given recently.

The name that was given was “Omniversal Consciousness”. I had already been informed that it related to a special date this year. The 8th of August 2006 = 8-8-8.

The first infinity symbol within the image represents the hearts of the divine feminine and the divine masculine within all of us.

The second infinity symbol represents the hearts of Mother Earth and the universal splinters of self, creating Universal Consciousness.

The third infinity symbol represents the hearts of Omniversal Consciousness and our Omniveral splinters of self.

I am being instructed to start sending out this message and the history of this World Hugathon. I am being told to ask everyone who receives it to start working with it so that they can be accustomed to what energetically is happening. You who are reading this are being asked to share it anywhere and everywhere.

On the day it self (8th of August 2006) we are being asked wherever we are in the world to stand still for a moment at precisely 12.00 noon to either give someone close to you a HUG, to concentrate on your heart while doing so, to visualize the LOVING embrace increasing within into waves of LOVE and LIGHT merging with the others heart. As you do so, allow the Loving embrace to flow through you. Let it flow out of your foot chakra and your crown chakra. Mother Earth will receive this energy and it will assist her in her ascension. The multitude of beings in the universe will be receiving it, magnifying/multiplying it and sending it back to all who are willing to receive both on Mother Earth and out to the far reaches of other worlds. If you are alone simply do what I do in front of the mirror. Give yourself the HUG and observe/feel how the energies are sent out.

I am being told that a short film will be created to assist with the visualization of this.
I am also being told that a poster will be created to hold the event in the physical even after the date.
I am being told that groups all around the world will be joining us in this wonderful project.
I trust that the above will be attracted to this project and will be willing to offer their skills to assist.
I trust the purpose and the Love expansion that will be created by this and that it will indeed create a huge shift in our ascension journey.

Please place the date on your calendars, your agendas and join us all around the world to bring this LOVING embrace to all of humanity and beyond.

Rayel through “IMP”.

Please do feel free to forward them (Complete, including this footer) to friends, mailing lists, groups, forums and family.

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