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The Secret on Larry King Live

The executive producer of the Larry King Live show saw The Secret recently, and was reportedly very impressed. As a result Larry King has recorded two special editions of his CNN program entitled “Beyond Positive Thinking” based on the universal law that our thoughts create our lives. Larry interviewed several teachers who are featured in The Secret.

Scheduled airing dates and featured experts are:

Part 1 – November 2
Bob Proctor
John Assaraf
JZ Knight
Rev Michael Beckwith
Dr. John DeMartini

Part 2 – November 16
James Ray
Jack Canfield
Dr. Joe Vitale
George Pratt
Jayne Payne

Visit Larry King Live for more information.


Added Saturday, November 4th:

Video clips, re-airing dates & more

Transcript on Joe Vitale’s site


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  1. Comment by Al @ November 1, 2006, 11:59 pm

    Definitely a must see!

    Book: The Titus Concept Money For My Best and Highest Good
    Seminar: SOAR 2006 The Titus Concept Live Event

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  4. Comment by John Doe @ November 11, 2006, 4:01 pm

    After Larry King Live first episode on “Beyond Positive Thinking,” The Secret Extended Documentary made it to the Top 100 list on Google. Now Prime Time Productions has decided to re-release and to share the original “Abraham-Hicks” version of the film free.

    This Movie TV/DVD documentary can be downloaded and shared here:

  5. Comment by Darlene Irvine @ November 23, 2006, 12:56 am

    Can this show be purchased on DVD?

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  8. Comment by Vashi R Chandramaani @ March 8, 2007, 10:27 pm

    Appreciation & Thanks To The Teachers and The Producer of The Secret DVD Movie / Please kindly make note, The following Comments / Views / Opinions expressed and featured herewith are my own

    Great Day, Trust all is well.

    I would wish to take this opportunity to express the following few words of Appreciative Gratitude for the kind consideration to The Teachers and The Producer of The Secret DVD Movie.

    (*Understandably amongst one of the best compliments to reciprocate these wonderful teachings would be To:-(All views expressed are my own)

    -> To effectively implement the required changes and enhance the scope of each and every aspect and aspect of this Wonderful Life,

    -> To responsibly attending to the concerned assignments associated with one’s agenda and observe the protocol of Appreciating each and every moment by making it the finest ever, by creating tremendous value to each and every moment

    -> Towards systematically; Coordinating / Aligning / Arranging / Scheduling / Prioritizing / Synthesizing / Synchronizing / Amalgamating / According / Placing / Devoting and Conferring utmost importance to each and every Moment of this Wonderful Life by filling each Moment with Wisdom, Awareness, Gratitude, Appreciation, Thankfulness, Brilliance and an Perspective that always seeks to Excel and Enhance These Wonderful Steps of This Wonderful Life Constructively and Meaningfully

    -> Towards Investing in Life at each and every Stage, Making a Difference, Carving a Niche, The Difference and The Niche, That Matters and is Constructive and Meaningfully Beneficial for The Benefit, Prosperity and Progress of our Wonderful Universe and its Wonderful People always……………………………………….

    -> Believing in The Law of Attraction and adopting a Constructive, Meaningful and Logical Thinking Process whereby Thoughts that are articulated and notions that are contemplated upon are the result of a careful process that evolves naturally without having to distinguish, thoughts that recognize and adapt their structure, velocity and platform which are constructive and meaningful apart of course from being practical and logical, thoughts that encompass the Beneficial Attributes focused upon creating Benefits, Prosperity and Progress for our Wonderful Universe and its Wonderful People always………………………………………. (In this context, if I may express, our thoughts should be additionally towards invested towards development and achievement of Peace and Happiness for our Wonderful Universe and its Wonderful People always, A Greater Understanding amongst all Countries, working together creatively for one Goal and Objective, that brings about consistent Benefits, Peace, Progress and Prosperity for Wonderful Universe and its Wonderful People always.

    -> Thoughts are an significantly instrumental factor that proportionally tend to influence the outcome of the results delivered to us and it is the thoughts that play the role of a constant companion, with us all the time, enabling us to establish a platform of a constructive dialogue whereby we are able to choose how to think, the choice is obviously ours to think wise, to think well, to feel good and do good, thoughts are the vehicles of the intentions, they are the energy of the intentions, hence it would be wise to think and act, think and perform, think and respond / react with prudent acumen / due diligence and observance of several wisdom factors prior towards reaching an conclusion / an interpretation / an result of following an opinion or view expressed, to rationalize / to reason out / to think what is the essence of each and every aspect and facet / to investigate and learn more in detail for the detail by detail do matter and to venture at each step to think and act with a sense of responsibility while taking into careful consideration that each action performed is focused upon bringing along with, creating along with them Benefits, Peace, Progress and Prosperity for Wonderful Universe and its Wonderful People always.

    -> It is indeed wonderful that we have been gifted with this wonderful gift of so many precious assets, our abilities, our thoughts, our moments, our wonderful treasures that are within us, that are all around us, that are augmenting moment by moment, the good / meaningful and constructive thoughts keep on incrementing with an accentuated velocity that tends to considerably influence the overall structure of the thinking process, layer by layer, facet by facet, shaping the thinking paradigm with productive efficiency and if instances / events were to be recapitulated where the sequence of thoughts were to be portrayed and reflected upon in detail, it could perhaps be able to demonstrate the wonderful and meticulous precision with which the thought process weave themselves within the fabric of each and every single thought contemplated upon that if we were to think well and attend to our responsibilities with due diligence and prudent acumen, seek reason and meaning in each endeavor, take into careful, constructive and meaningful consideration all concerned aspects by reasoning, evaluating, assessing, reckoning, judging, measuring, calibrating, practically analyzing as well as treading with a vision of meaningful purposeful objectives that are intended towards creating along with them Benefits, Peace, Progress and Prosperity for Wonderful Universe and its Wonderful People always, it would be wonderful and absolutely great.

    -> We have, are and will always be provided with wonderful opportunities, moment by moment, gifted with the most precious assets, endowed and bestowed with significant intellectual faculties, creative intelligence, all of these and more meaningful attributes are with us always, seeking us to think responsibly with due diligence, attentiveness, accountability, reason, meaning, prudent acumen apart from always attending to the observance of relevant factors that may pertain and ensure Benefits, Peace, Progress and Prosperity for Wonderful Universe and its Wonderful People always. Think Good, Feel Good, Think Well, Do Well, Think Wise, Do Wise, Think Ahead, Plan Ahead, Anticipate, Innovate and Excel at each and every step of each endeavor constructively with meaningful and constructive steps and actions.

    -> Apart from the above, of course, toward ensuring that Peace, Harmony, Respect, Love, Greater Understanding, Collaboration and Friendship prevails always all across Our Wonderful Universe, an Alliance that seeks to continually bring along with Tremendous Achievements and Prosperity for the Benefit and Progress of our Wonderful Universe and its Wonderful People always………………………………………….

    -> And of course attending to each and every aspect and facet of Life with Responsibility and Awareness at each and every Moment, Observing Due Diligence along with Prudent Acumen and Wisdom apart from attending to various other associated factors that may prevail or need to be responded to with productive efficiency.

    -> To Manifest, Visualize Creatively with a Vision that encompasses productively efficient steps taken with methodical precision, confidence, hope, knowledge, intelligence and observance of the prevalent protocols, rules and regulations, by abiding by all conventional factors that may prevail in their individual capacities, while traversing towards the visualized objective on the manifested agenda with an sparkling element of optimistic confidence and fulfilling one’s responsibilities with due diligence, prudent acumen and utmost responsibility consistently.

    -> To endeavor to continually excel in each and every sphere of every aspect and facet of every moment brilliantly, since the achievement of excellence is never ending process which continually seeks and demands that the very best of endeavors be pursued consistently, with the vision of creating Tremendous Achievements and Prosperity for the Benefit and Progress of our Wonderful Universe and its Wonderful People always………………………………………….

    * The above views are a very brief introspection and are my perspective of how I perceived the wonderful teachings, which of course could not be simply summarized within the short span of time alone since this is a wonderful set of teachings that have endeavored to enable us to Appreciate, Appreciate and Keep on Appreciating, Being Thankful, Being Grateful, Being Responsible, Being Confident, Being Optimistic, Being Envisioned with Practicality and Effectively handling one’s Assignments with a Constructive and Meaningful Approach towards each and every aspect and facet of this Wonderful Life always…………

    Constructive and Meaningful Accomplishments:- All Views expressed are my own
    I would wish to avail of the opportunity to express my Appreciation and Gratitude to to The Teachers and The Producer of The Secret DVD Movie, right from the Producer, the Participants who intellectually transformed the fabric of each moment miraculously by weaving each fibre of every strand of the thread of times with the wonderful gift, The Secret DVD Movie.

    Eminent Articulation:-
    Each of The Teachers, who primarily took the initiative towards enthusiastically sharing their insights, articulating their notions and paraphrasing each of their experiences, in detail and through the medium of featuring the calibration of these moments with visual examples, that were empowering and advantageous from a beneficial standpoint of view towards achieving, Progress, Peace, Prosperity, Hope, Confidence, Joy, Enthusiasm, Passion to Excel, Purpose and Adherence of Practical Values, Motivation, Meaningful Strides in each Endeavor and rekindling the ignited spark of wisdom proficiently.

    Fortune Indeed:-
    What greater gift than could have been bestowed and endowed upon all of us, the fortunate recipients of this journey of awareness, of recognizing the immense potential that each and every one of us possesses towards creating value, towards bringing Happiness always to our Wonderful Universe and its Wonderful People……………………………….., Always being Appreciative and Grateful, Thank You……………………so much.

    Summarization / Synopsis
    The above views that have been expressed by me are obviously a very brief segment of this splendid and magnificent transformation that develops by understanding the teachings and principles in The Secret.

    There are various important virtues such as:-

    – Believing – The literal and unstinted belief, having the confidence and observing the practical approach of attending to one’s endeavors responsibly and believing that what will develop will be in accordance with one’s aspiration and cherished desires. The intensity of the belief platform must not have the questioning (Questioning with Reason, Prudent Acumen, Sound Judgement, Logic, Practical Values and Observance of the Protocol of ensuring that one’s actions do not have conflict or would in any way create any kind or type of hindrance to any one whosoever since the intention must to create Happiness, Joy, Peace, Progress and Prosperity for The Benefit of Our Universe and its Wonderful People always, Create Value and have a strong belief in miraculous moments of Life, but of course nothing comes about just by thinking and believing alone, since to compliment the above, concrete, firm, constructive and meaningful action would have to be taken at each and every step of the way, once again I repeat with sound judgement, rationalization, justified reasoning, observance of ethical principles and moral values that encapsulate the tenets of every moment creating value and benefit for our Universe and its Wonderful People always.

    – Feeling: – The feeling, The passion, The experience of the feeling is one of virtual feeling, the stimulation of constructive thinking process that ignites thoughts that are constructive and meaningful and should be necessarily and evidently in the very best interests and for the benefit and progress of benefit for our Universe and its Wonderful People always.

    One additional aspect associated with the feeling factor is to feel as if the contemplated objectives has already been achieved, perceiving and visualizing the blueprint and road map of the cherished objectives with an intensity and investment into constructive and meaningful endeavors each and every step of every precious moment.

    – Visualizing : – Envisioning and Visualizing; the thoughtful and constructive paradigm associated with the vehicle of progress and achievement by virtually treading along the corridors of constructive and meaningful imagination, in the process sketching and picturizing the results that are able to guide and lead one towards adopting and observing an synthesized and meticulously well synchronized platform of attaining meaningful and reasonable objectives.

    The Visualization, being the constructive companion that accompanies one’s thoughts and deeds, one’s meaningful actions with a focus that is methodical and almost matches and surpasses the intensity of a laser beam, since while it ventures beyond the scientific realm due to the tremendous goodwill and constructive meaningfulness that it has associated with it, and moreover this intensity can be augmented and expounded constructively when it bears specific relevance and objectivity for brining about, for creating Value and creating Progress for the benefit for our Universe and its Wonderful People always.

    – Appreciation and Gratitude To always be Thankful and Grateful for every Moment, Life is Wonderful, Life is Excellent.

    All views expressed are my own
    In this context, I shall include previous articles that I had written, which obviously is an extremely brief attribute to the wonderful virtue of Appreciation, since Appreciation and Gratitude are amongst one of the finest and exceptional virtues that are incomparable, of course the Moments of Life are complemented tremendously with these wonderful virtues, of being Grateful and Thankful for all the wonderful assets that each and every one of us have been so fortunately gifted with and are being consistently endowed, bestowed, rewarded and gifted with, moment by precious moment and this reservoir is spontaneously replenished and providing us with the most wonderful and treasured jewels of the assets called, Life and its Wonderful Moments.

    Appreciate Life, Achieve Excellence!

    Life is Excellent!

    We have been provided with amongst the very finest of things that Life has to offer.

    We have to appreciate with gratitude the precious moments that life bestows us with, each day, moment by moment. By appreciating life, we are achieving excellence; we are truly reciprocating the excellent virtues that we have been endowed with and utilizing these for the benefit and progress of our wonderful universe and its wonderful people.
    Always endeavor to make “The Difference” / “Carve a Niche”, The Difference” / “The Niche, That Matters”!

    This applies for each and every aspect, each and every facet of this wonderful Life, including this extremely wonderful moment that we have been fortunately gifted with and the wonderful moments ahead of us, always to Appreciate what we have, accord and intrinsic and tremendous Value and Importance to each and every moment and endeavor to Excel, to the very best of our abilities, within reason, with an investment of constructive and meaningful endeavors, for the Benefit and Progress of our Wonderful Universe and its Wonderful People always……………………………………………………………………

    Each moment is wonderfully precious and we are extremely fortunate at having been gifted with so many wonderful treasures along with the priceless moments, let us consistently endeavor to Appreciate and be Grateful, to be Thankful always, always express Thanks and be Appreciative, be Thankful, for all that has been, for all that is and for all that will be, always Appreciate, always be Grateful.

    The above completes featuring of the transcript of the article that was being referred to.

    And this is my Appreciation further expressed regarding The Secret, Thank You very much:- (All views expressed are my own)

    The Secret, Discover The Key To The Vehicle of Awareness, Recognize the Wonderful Assets That Each and Every One of Us have been Blesses, Endowed, Bestowed, Gifted, Awarded, Rewarded and Continually Provided With, Moment By Moment, Absolutely Wonderful Life and its Cherished Moments, Thank You Very Much, With Appreciation and Gratitude Always. Please be Thankful, Be Grateful, Appreciate, Appreciate and Appreciate always, Appreciate each and every Aspect and Facet of This Wonderful Life, We are indeed tremendously Fortunate, Lucky, Wealthy and The Very Happiest Always, Appreciate, Be Thankful, Be Grateful

    The Secret is the Key of Awareness; Awareness that has brought along with it an Miracle to each and every aspect of these Wonderful Moments of the meaningful adventure called Life.

    The fortune of having being bestowed and endowed with this priceless opportunity to witness and learn from the very well informative experiences featured in The Secret are amongst the finest examples and moments of Life, since they establish an consistent pattern that radiates an sparkle and glimmer of hope to each facet of Life, infusing it with a priceless treasure, namely the vehicle of Awareness to realize one’s own tremendous potential virtues and intellectual faculties.

    The above realization apparently evokes establishment of an constructive set of objectives of “Self Development” strategies that appear in uniformed synchronization and enable the splendid collaboration of the synergistic attributes that are prevalent within the sphere of the realm of meticulous professionalism thereby according a person imminently to reach the Pinnacle of Excellence in each endeavor.

    Further, this in turn truly enhances the scope of each and every facet of every moment meticulously by acquainting us with a part of ourselves which we never knew and most importantly with a part of all the Wonderful People around us, who are amongst the greatest compliments of our Life.

    Each day has become more brighter and the strands of each moment are woven with an ecstatic sense of enthusiasm, a profound sense of joy, an exhilarating perspective of self contentment and most importantly, the aspiration to seek to Achieve Happiness and its Virtues in each endeavor for the immense benefit of our Wonderful Universe with its Wonderful People.

    Moments are Miracles with The Secret, Each Day is more Meaningful and Value Oriented with The Secret.The remarkable change that The Secret has brought along with it has created an transformation whose extent cannot be gauged since it has begun its ascent towards establishing it as a firm guide of exceptional value, that only wishes the very best for all of us, in all instances and from all aspects.

    The tremendous benefits could not be extolled or described in the above few words alone since the above is a summarization and an brief prelude of the wonderful extent that The Secret has carved its impressionable hallmark onto each facet of this Wonderful Life.

    Thanks for this wonderful start to the Journey of Awareness, the Journey of Appreciation, the Journey of Gratitude and Hoping very much that this will continue onwards ahead with an accentuated / calibrated velocity of meticulous precision and consistently accelerating the pace of Appreciation, Greater Understanding and Progress for the Benefit of our Wonderful Universe with its Wonderful People always.

    The above completes the expression of Appreciation for The Secret, for this specific instance, Thank You very much:- (All views expressed are my own)
    Before concluding compilation and submission of the above article, I would wish to include the following disclaimer:-

    The information featured herewith is provided on the condition that the review of the information by the viewer will be at the sole discretion of the person who may be reviewing it. The expression of comments / views and opinions featured herewith as indicated above clearly are my own do not imply any endorsements or any recommendations in any contexts whatsoever, wheresoever, whensoever, whosoever,
    why soever and howsoever, Thank you.

    As it may be noted and should be hopefully understood that, although it goes without saying that the intention associated with expression of views and comments are an expression of Best Wishes for one and all, consistently, Thanks.

    With Best Wishes for Happiness, Prosperity, Peace, Progress, Good Health and Wisdom to our Wonderful Universe and its Wonderful People always,

    Thank You,

    Vashi R Chandramaani

  9. Comment by Vashi R Chandramaani @ April 4, 2007, 6:58 am

    Appreciate Life, Achieve Excellence!

    Life is Excellent!

    We have been Provided with amongst “The Very Finest Of Things that Life has to Offer”.

    We have to Appreciate with Gratitude, the Precious Moments that Life Bestows us With, Each Day, Moment by Moment.

    By Appreciating Life, We are Achieving Excellence; We are truly Reciprocating the Excellent Virtues that we have been Endowed with,
    and Utilizing these for The Meaningful Benefit and Constructive Progress of our Wonderful Universe and its Wonderful People.

    Best Wishes,
    Vashi R Chandramaani

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