John — January 10, 2007, 1:50 am

Tons of Quality, Free Self Improvement Gifts

Free Self Improvement Gifts

Do you like free gifts? Sure, of course you do.

For the next week, a site called Self Improvement is teaming up with over 65 people that are contributing awesome, empowering and inspirational gifts… to improve your health, wealth, spirituality and more!

Even our site, is participating. Look for our free audio seminar by Dr. Joe “Mr. Fire” Vitale. His seminar is titled “How To Effortlessly Create Miracles”

  • Learn which is better…one big miracle or three small miracles.
  • Discover 8 words that will dissolve your money worries forever.
  • Discover how to live and prosper in a belief-driven universe.

I’ve gotten gifts from several other promotions in the past. Most of them are internet marketing related and quite frankly are often filled with very few quality products.

This event is much different as just about everything looks great! These products are the real deal… many of them are being sold for ($27-$197) But through January 17, you can grab them all for free.

Grab Your Gifts from

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