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Mt. Fuji New Year Opening Ceremony

Opening Ceremony for the New Year
Mt. Fuji Sanctuary, Japan

USA Pacific Standard Time
January 13th, Saturday, 6:00 p.m. – 9:00p.m.

London GMT
January 14th, Sunday, 1:00 a.m. – 3:00 a.m.

Japan time
January 14th, Sunday, 10:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

The Opening Ceremony for the New Year sets the tone and direction for the coming year. Thousands will gather at the Fuji Sanctuary to anchor the potential energetic field for 2007. Join us in elevating the synchronous magnetic field for the creation evolution and awakening of humanity.

We welcome you ALL to join us in Spirit wherever you may be!

Jinrui Soku Kami Nari
Humanity is Divine
May Peace Prevail On Earth


Breathing technique with the Universal Mantra
“Ware Soku Kami Nari, Jinrui Soku Kami Nari”
(I AM a Divine Being, Humanity is Divine)

The breathing technique is practiced as follows:

Inhale deeply through your nose while mentally reciting:
“Ware Soku Kami Nari” (I AM a Divine Being)

Pause for a few seconds, holding your breath while mentally declaring things such as “It is absolutely all right”, “things will certainly change for the better”, OR you may simply say “Accomplished”.

Quietly, calmly exhale through your mouth while mentally stating “Jinrui Soku Kami Nari” (Humanity is Divine)

Repeating this new breathing technique many times, making it your own, you will gradually dissolve any uncertainties in your mind due to the resonance of the spiritual vibrations of “Ware Soku Kami Nari” (I am a divine being) and “Jinrui Soku Kami Nari” (Humanity is divine).

Furthermore, by resounding in your mind bright vibrations such as “it certainly being accomplished,” “it absolutely is being healed,” your mind becomes stable. This is, however,
quite different than mere will-power.

Everyone may practice this technique anywhere and at any time and on its own, begin a quiet, inner transformation toward greater harmony and peace. We invite you to try this simple yet potent way of attuning your self with the infinite Life energy, with your True nature, and to share it with your friends and loved ones.


People all over the world will join with the thousands at their Mt Fuji Sanctuary in a ceremony to anchor Universal Light. This organization has been doing this for over 45 years. Let us consciously join our light with theirs.

Here you can see a picture of MT. Fuji from their Sanctuary.

See/feel you in the Vibe tonight.

All my best,
Joseph Giove, aka Flesymi

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