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Spiritual Cinema Circle – March 2007 Trailers

The films of Spiritual Cinema Circle Volume 3 include two sweet, short films entitled MEYERS and WANDER, the inspiring and touching documentary HOBART SHAKESPEAREANS and the romantic dark comedy EXPIRATION DATE. All four films take an inspiring look at what’s really possible if we break out of the norm and take the risk to engage with life!

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When the ordinary becomes institutional, what does it take to break out of the mold? After 30 years together following the same routine day in and day out, Ernest and Edna are cemented into their mundane existence. What happens when Ernest decides it’s time for a change? In this quirky short from Switzerland, we are reminded of the importance of waking up our heart connection to those we love and staying engaged with the world around us.

13 minutes, in Swiss German with English subtitles. Written and Directed by Steven Hayes.

A beautifully crafted short film about a boy who finds a magical light in a jar and follows it to a land of hope and possibility. It’s not easy to find inspiration in the inner city, surrounded by anger and impatience. But what if we could dream a new future for ourselves right now?

6 minutes in English. Directed by Joshua Clark, Written by Joshua Clark and Jonathan Ardrey.

There is something extraordinary happening in a Los Angeles inner-city elementary school. A 5th grade teacher named Rafe Esquith is inspiring his classes towards excellence through an incredible array of teaching methods that peak with a yearly performance of a Shakespearean play. The children’s work brings such greats as Sir Ian McKellum and Michael York to the audience. Share the joy and wonder of a group of 9 to 11 year olds as they learn, grow, blossom and discover themselves in this unlikely and awe-inspiring classroom. A film you will not soon forget.

52 minutes in English. Directed by Mel Stuart.

Charlie Silvercloud believes he has only 8 days to live because of the family curse that he has inherited: every Silvercloud male is killed by a milk truck on his 25th birthday. Should he face his impending death stoically, wrapping up the details of his life and saying his goodbyes? Or should he live like he’s never lived before and fight for every last minute he has? A wonderfully funny dark comedy filled with love, laughter, dancing… and milk trucks.

94 minutes in English. Written and Directed by Richard Stevenson.

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