John — April 16, 2007, 11:52 pm

Finally Revealed – Principles Behind The Secret

Masters of the Secret

By now, I’m sure you’ve seen the DVD of “The Secret.”
I’ve seen reliable stats that say 5,000 copies of the
DVD are being sold online each day!

You may have even read The Secret book.
Sales of the book have already hit the 2 million copies
sold mark, putting it ahead of the new Harry Potter book
and #7 on the Amazon Bestseller List for March 2007.
(As I write this, the two books are #1 & #2 in April.)

Wow! Is there any wonder why The Secret is the
heavyweight champ of metaphysical movie documentaries?

Now, prepare to learn the life changing Universal Laws
that The Secret kept… well, a secret.

I was chosen as part of a small group of people to get
preview access to a new multimedia resource that will

not only explain the principles behind “The Secret” if
you don’t already know them… but also reveal WHY they
might not be working for you the way you had hoped.

And what I’ve seen and heard has really blown me away!

Like it, love it, or hate it, the facts are that it has
almost single-handedly been responsible for allowing

once uninterested individuals to raise their
consciousness, re-route their thinking and view life
from a whole new perspective of infinite possibilities.

And to me, that’s where the immense value begins and ends.

But the question that still lingers for millions
and possibly for you too is:

“What’s next?”

And, rightly so! Let’s face it, short run multi-person
documentaries, where a few KEY mentors are only available
to give you a few minutes of their vast insight can only
take you so far…

And, watching the DVD over and over again, in an attempt
to find an “Ah-ha” moment is going to frustrate you.

If you are like millions of others around the world and
are ready for an inexpensive resource that WILL, hands
down, take your application of The Secret much, much
further down the rabbit hole of understanding, then you
will want to check out Masters of the Secret:

Go there NOW and you will be able to get our complimentary
55 minute, 24 page talking ebook as our gift to you.

Then, starting Tuesday April 17th at 1 PM est, the FULL
secret will finally be revealed!

Yes, you are about to learn the principles behind
“The Secret”, AND the life-changing universal laws
and techniques that “The Secret” kept… well, a secret

Wishing you much love, light and joy

John Martel

Human Healing / Light on the World Blog
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PS: I was honored to be part of a select group of people to
review this amazing program that you’re about to
discover. The Secret took the world by storm… now
brace yourself for this (good) tsunami of wisdom &
insight into Universal laws and much, much more!

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