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Spirituality Meets Sci-Fi in Compelling New Film

Spiritual Cinema Circle Introduces Jerome Bixby’s “THE MAN FROM EARTH”

Jerome’s Bixby’s THE MAN FROM EARTH, a riveting and thought provoking new film, offers some startling revelations about the origins of belief. Subscribers to Spiritual Cinema Circle will receive this entrancing film as part of their November 2007 DVD collection.

THE MAN FROM EARTH stars David Lee Smith (FIGHT CLUB, ZODIAC) as John Oldman, a college history professor who retires after only 10 years of work. An impromptu goodbye party thrown by his co-workers (a stellar ensemble cast of recognizable character actors) soon turns into a prolonged interrogation surrounding his abrupt departure. Finally, Oldman admits a reality that rocks the very foundation of their belief systems. While his colleagues (Ellen Crawford of “ER”, John Billengsly of OUT OF TIME, GLASS HOUSE and others) are amused by his admission, some ponder the possibility while others conspire to have him “committed”. A brilliant surprise ending provides the elusive answer to his unbelievable, earth-shattering confession.

According to Spiritual Cinema Circle’s Director of Acquisitions Anna Darrah, who has viewed over 2000 films in the past four years, “This isn’t a big budget picture and there are no car crashes, or A-list stars, but this film will ignite your soul and awaken questions you didn’t know you had. Darrah adds, “This is the kind of film that finds you in one place and leaves you in another: totally transformed on some level.”

THE MAN FROM EARTH was written by Jerome Bixby, the famed American science fiction writer. He wrote FANTASTIC VOYAGE and some of the very early episodes for the STAR TREK series. THE MAN FROM EARTH was a story he had been kicking around in his head since the 1950’s and it ended up being his last great work. He completed the screenplay on his deathbed in 1998.

THE MAN FROM EARTH is a featured selection in the November 2007 Spiritual Cinema Circle DVD club Also included in this collection are the inspiring short films: DEAD END JOB, BOOTH STORY and MAGIC MILE.

New subscribers to the Spiritual Cinema Circle can receive a free trial membership (for a nominal shipping fee) by visiting:

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  1. Comment by Eric D. Wilkinson @ November 19, 2007, 7:58 pm

    If you watch the movie, PLEASE go to and tell us what you think.

    Thank you “Spiritual Cinema Circle” for Supporting our film.

    Eric D. Wilkinson
    Jerome Bixby’s The Man From Earth

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