John — November 26, 2007, 10:34 pm

Is This The Holy Grail of Manifestation?

Do you remember the last time you were going to buy something that you really wanted and you found out it was on sale?

You rushed over to the store and found where the item was located only to find out that the sale had already passed. At your surprise you look over the ad again and there in the front was the date. Just one day earlier and you would have had the item you wanted.

Well, my friends over at Manifest Life had recently opened up their doors for new members of their Manifestation Online Portal. However, that was back in Oct 29 – Nov 1.

You see they do not take new members that often. They like to take care of their members with fast support, and with new content to help their members take full advantage of the one-stop-shop manifestation library to create their ideal lifestyle.

To my surprise…

They decided to open their doors one more time this year, and with no plans to open it up again anytime soon. This will be the one thing you don’t want to pass up.

Look, if 2007 did not turn out the way you wanted, let 2008 be the year you take charge and start creating your ideal lifestyle like the members of Manifest Life are doing now.

Don’t wait too long to check out the Manifest Life Manifestation Online portal. The price increases every few days until the price is back up to its original price.

To Your Success,

John Martel

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