John — March 24, 2008, 6:44 pm

Urgent: Stand With Tibet Petition

You’ve probably heard about the violence in Tibet. After decades of oppressive rule, the people of Tibet have taken to the streets to air their grievances. Violence is escalating, but the Dalai Lama has offered to meet directly with Chinese leaders to resolve the current crisis.

President Hu Jintao of China is under mounting pressure right now to decide between a path of violence, and one that respects international human rights and will lead to peace.

We urgently need to call on the Chinese government to live up to its obligations by resolving the situation peacefully and open up a direct dialogue with the Dalai Lama.

Please sign the petition to the Chinese President and make sure he renounces force in resolving the crisis:

Add Your Name to our Stand with Tibet Petition

We need to act fast. Together, if we can collect 100,000 signatures in the next 100 hours, we’ll deliver this petition directly to the Chinese embassy on Friday.

The Chinese government isn’t used to listening to the international community. But, the summer Olympics will provide a once in a lifetime opportunity to shine the spotlight on abuses committed by the Chinese government. Sign this petition today to stand with the people of Tibet

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