John — May 9, 2010, 1:09 am

Happy Mothers Day – Let It Be

First off I wanted to (finally) post a new entry here and let you know that I will be revamping this blog and adding lots of new content to the main part of this site soon. Thanks for your patience…

Second I wanted to post a video of my Mom’s favorite song, “Let It Be” by the Beatles. As I write this I also can’t help but think of Billy Joel and his song “Only The Good Die Young.” I lost my Mom to breast cancer when I was 12. It was of course difficult at the time, but no doubt was just as we planned it. She was a great woman and despite our plan, it sure seemed like she died way too soon.

Among other things, my Mom’s early death to cancer got me into alternative health and healing. Discovering people like Raymond Rife who helped people heal from cancer in the 1930’s sure got me wondering… alas, it’s all about the money here in America. In many ways my Mom’s passing put me on the path I’m on today, both from my interests to my business. Many of my clients are in the alternative healing and new age arenas and I’m blessed to have made many great friends and to help promote some awesome products and services.

While my planned changes for this site are not ready just yet, I wanted to update you on things… to let you know much more IS coming. Also, since my Mom in many ways inspired this site, today being Mothers Day is the perfect day to post Let It Be…

…and wish my Mom a very Happy Mothers Day!

Thanks for your guidance and support Mom, both while here in the physical, and of course from the other side. And when I’m done my work here on Earth, I look forward to seeing you again.

I love you!


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