John — June 8, 2010, 10:09 pm

Visualization to Heal Oil Spill – From DreamHealer

A message and video from DreamHealer

Hello to All,

In our continuing efforts to focus healing intentions on the Gulf of Mexico, we have put together a new short visualization on YouTube for your use.

Let’s optimize an extremely difficult situation in the Gulf. Change emotions of blame, fear and anger into healing intentions of light and love toward the recovery of our beautiful planet.

Visualize all of the healing energy in the Universe being pulled into the Gulf of Mexico. Saturate the waters with the healing energy of light and life.

Visualize your healing intentions rippling outward in all directions. Send streams of laser light to clean the water for sea-life to flourish again.

Remember the power of your own healing thoughts, as focused intention activates your thoughts. Assist in closing and healing Mother Earth’s wound. Create a critical mass as we all send our healing intentions.

Do this visualization any time you think of the Gulf of Mexico, or see any reports on the situation. Please forward this to those who understand the power of our intentions.

YouTube: New Visualization

“We all originate from a common energy, which explains our interconnectedness.”

– Adam



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