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Copyright © 2005 Michael Murray

Have you ever watched ABCís hit TV show Lost? My favorite episode was titled ďWalkaboutĒ because like the topic character, I too overcame paralsis.

In it, you learn that the mysterious outdoorsman Locke was paralyzed and the mysterious circumstances leading to his recovery.

Locke was actually planning to go on a Walkabout, which is a sacred outdoor adventure. But the leader, seeing Lockeís limitation, forbade him to go. Angrily Locke shouted ďDonít tell me what I canít do!Ē

At that dramatic moment, you flash forward to the plane crash, and see Locke on the ground, slowly moving his legs. Then stand up. And walk.

Iíve had many ďLocke MomentsĒ in my life, including the time when at the age of 7 I took my first steps. Although Iíve never said his line to anyone before, Iíve sure thought it. When youíre born with the umbilical cord wrapped around your neck and barely live, you get used to people telling you what you canít do.

Even before I could understand the words, doctors told my parents that if I did live I wouldnít be active at all. Iíd basically be a vegetable. They told my parents to put me in a home. I'm thankful they didnít listen. ďDonít tell us what he canít do!Ē

So, they took me home and it turned out that mentally, I was intact. I did have Cerebral Palsy and doctors said Iíd never walk. Well, they were half right... for the first 7 years of my life I crawled around on my knees. I went through physical therapy multiple times a week and was quite determined for a kid.

At 7 years old, at my grandparentsí house, I took my first steps, to everyoneís amazement, including myself. ďDonít tell me what I canít do!Ē

As I got older, people urged me to get into the technical side of computers and get a good job. I hated that stuff. I wanted to be an entrepreneur. People warned me about this. Itís too risky. But I pursued ventures both online and offline, and Iíve made money in both. In fact, next month Iíll be selling a 4-acre piece of land. Iíll net $144,000 on the deal. Glad I took that risk. ďDonít tell me what I canít do!Ē

If I've been able to live my dreams, how about you?

I bet you've been ridiculed by your friends and family when you tell them about your Internet dreams. Itís very common. Do you know you why they do this almost automatically? The simple fact is that loved ones who do this to you have good intentions. They donít want to see you get hurt, ripped off, or scammed. They just, quite honestly, have no idea what theyíre talking about.

Iíve long since given up on trying to explain what I do online to friends and extended family. Even trying to explain simple concepts such as email marketing can lead to comments such as ďOh, so you spam people?Ē Itís frustrating, to say the least. It hurts because these are the people who youíd expect to be on your side.

Donít let these people get you down. Ask yourself one question: Do I believe that what Iím doing will eventually lead to financial success? Whether itís creating e-books, doing affiliate marketing, making content sites, writing articles, or whatever it may be. If you can honestly say yes, then keep plugging away and never give up.

The next time a loved one says youíre crazy for trying to make money online, donít get mad. Donít get defensive. You donít have to defend anything. You know what youíre doing. They have no clue. Just think about Locke, getting up from that crash site and walking, and simply say ďDonít tell me what I canít do.Ē

Michael Murray is a 22-year old full-time Internet marketer and college student with Cerebral Palsy who lives in sunny Orlando Florida. His latest site is an information center on how to remove Adware & Spyware from your PC

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